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 Coaching & Workshops

Amanda Blair offers individual coaching with a creative twist, in person or remotely, in English or German. She holds an ICF-accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching and supports people from all walks of life in finding and successfully living their unique purpose. 

“With Amanda’s help I’ve started to become excited about the future for the first time in many years.”

Annette P.

"The uniqueness profile I developed with Amanda 

 has become my mantra."

Caroline P.

In addition, Amanda designs and delivers themed, tailor-made workshops and creativity sessions for corporate and private groups around the world. Each collaboration is a limited edition of one. Past examples include:

  • Exploring perceptions of beauty with a haircare provider

  • Experimenting with the senses for a chocolate manufacturer

  • Designing alternative interviewing techniques with HR executives

  • Demystifying culturally-based concepts of time for a watchmaker

  • Hosting an online creativity slam for a birthday celebration

“Amanda reveals your soul without unveiling your mind, captures your dimension without constraining your imagination.”

Creative Director, Neuchâtel


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