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The Book


The full-colour, interactive Limited Edition of One book takes individuals and groups on a guided tour of their uniqueness.

By visiting aspects of human life that everyone has experience of and access to, it explores the massive potential of our “daily differentness”. 


Over 50 exercises and triggers are organised into themed, beautifully illustrated chapters. Your responses can take the form of written words, sketches, doodles, voice recordings, reflection, mini-collages.You can approach the content in order as a journey, or jump about randomly as the mood takes you. There are no wrongs or rights and mixing the techniques along the way is very much allowed.


Readers' Feedback

This book helped me break down my life into bite-sized, nourishing pieces.”

“Limited Edition of One gave me the courage to stop trying to fit in and to see what my differentness can do if I let it.”


“By the end I‘d created a quirky autobiography without even realising it!”

“The best books on my shelves are the ones that have little scribbles in the margins and post-it notes on dog-eared pages. Limited Edition of One provides loads of wonderful white space after each invitation or exercise to help you create your own personal journal.”


“I gave this book to my partner as a gift and we did some of the exercises in parallel. We made some amazing discoveries!”

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