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Safari: sa·​fa·​ri |noun]

A journey or expedition for exploration or investigation.


What is it?  

The Limited Edition of One Forum hosts online mind safaris for curious individuals. These combine reflection, coaching, creative thinking and conversation to facilitate self-development in a non-judgmental space. They bring fresh air to the way you perceive, think, act and communicate. 


How does it work?

As a member of a very small, consistent group, you journey through a series of six bi-weekly workshops. Each one lasts two hours and has a different umbrella topic. These can range from "Inspiration" to "Change" and all are geared to creating a unique toolkit for navigating daily life in a rewarding and impactful way. The tone combines energising with strategic, playful with profound. 


Who is it for?

Individuals of all backgrounds and ages have benefitted from participation in these workshops. The vital qualification is curiosity. Each group is thoughtfully put together to ensure maximum variety. 

A taste of participants' impressions:

“I was surprised that this experience impacted my business and personal life without it feeling like hard work.”

“After each session I felt as though I’d been to a new place I’d never heard of before!”

“I wish I’d met the people in my group years ago.”

Contact Amanda Blair here for the next kick-off dates and pricing plans, or to book a free discovery call.