Image by Roberto Carlos Roman Don


Safari: sa·​fa·​ri |noun]

A journey or expedition for exploration or investigation.


What is it?  

The Limited Edition of One Forum hosts mind safaris for curious individuals. These combine conversation, creative thinking and community to explore new perspectives and stimulate learning in a non-judgemental space. They are all about bringing fresh air to the way you think, act, communicate and ultimately feel. 


How does it work?

As a member of a very small, consistent group, you journey through a series of six bi-weekly online gatherings known as mind safaris. Each one lasts two hours and has an umbrella topic tailored to your cohort. The themes can have their roots in cultural, social, experiential or abstract areas. Where they lead to can follow a path that is anything from humorous to philosophical, invigorating to strategic. Instead of a sundowner, participants leave with a buzz and fizz of the mental kind that can spill over into their personal, social and working lives.


Who is it for?

The Limited Edition of One Forum can bring sustainable value to individuals of all backgrounds and age groups. The vital qualification is curiosity. Each group is thoughtfully put together to ensure maximum variety. We also guarantee that what you take away from the programme will be unique and belong exclusively to you. 

Contact Amanda Blair here for the next kick-off dates and pricing plans.